Announcing the Hunger Games Fandom Directory

by Katniss on September 12, 2012

Announcing a new site in the Sullen & Hostile network: The Hunger Games Fandom Directory. With the fandom for The Hunger Games growing every day, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep track of all the sites dedicated to the trilogy. What this site does is function as a phone book for the fandom, listing both fan-run and official websites.

If you have a site dedicated to The Hunger Games, feel free to submit your site for inclusion in the directory!



The Team Finnick site has officially been launched with a variety of “Finnick Picks” to choose from until we hear who the official Adonis of Panem is!


The Team Peeta site has been re-vamped to allow for easy interaction by readers. Click the heart to vote for your favorite photos! Visit Team Peeta now.


Introducing Capitol Shopper

by Katniss on November 23, 2011

With the holiday shopping season officially starting this Friday, the Sullen & Hostile staff is very happy to announce our newest Hunger Games site Capitol Shopper. This personal shopper site provides links to over a hundred Hunger Games products available for purchase online and gives anyone looking for a gift for a Hunger Games fan a quick and easy way to do their shopping without having to search through various different sites.

Capitol Shopper

Capitol Shopper does not sell anything, we merely provide you with information on all the Hunger Games merchandise we love and think you’d love. Shop by price or see the latest items added. We’re still adding items every day, so keep checking back! Also, if you have a hand crafted Hunger Games item you’d like us to consider listing or just have a tip on a new product, please feel free to Submit a Product!


This week is all about The Hunger Games. My significant other was appalled to discover that the trailer’s debut was linked on the front page of CNN, which now gives him pause when he snickers at my fascination with the series. Talk of the trailer is everywhere you go from Entertainment Weekly to People Magazine and even at the Wall Street Journal.

Christopher Farley, who writes the SpeakEasy blog at the WSJ, didn’t like the beefiness of Peeta and Gale and while I flat out love the fact that he’s read and clearly loves the books, this just rubbed me the wrong way.

“The new movie has a great cast–the stars include Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci and Lenny Kravitz–but I wonder if some of the boys in the film (Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson) seem a bit too mature and studly for their roles. The horror of the book in part came because the Hunger Games forced kids to battle to the death. It feels a little different when the participants look like superheroes. If Hemsworth and Hutcherson were in MMA, nobody would be outraged. Those lads can take care of themselves.”

First of all, I’m not really sure why he brings up Gale here, since clearly Gale doesn’t fight in the Games. When we first meet Gale in the books, he’s 18 years old (his last Reaping year) and Katniss says he already looks like a man. Gale is supposed to look mature and studly, especially given the fact that Katniss expresses some jealousy over all the girls that crush on him at school because “good hunting partners are hard to come by”. Still, I guess I can see some merit behind this complaint since Liam Hemsworth was in fact 21 during filming.

Max WittekHowever, this does not apply to Josh Hutcherson, who was 18 at the time of principal photography for The Hunger Games. While Farley seems to think that because Hutcherson is beefy and ‘mature’ looking, he doesn’t fit into the world of Panem, he’s hardly the biggest and beefiest of teenagers today. I did a quick Google search for upcoming freshman quarterbacks and landed on a photo for Max Wittek (pictured right), the newest quarterback recruited for the USC Trojans.

This young man, or boy as you could call him, given that he’s just over the age of 18, is 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 210 pounds. Sure, he’s probably never had to starve in his life, but Peeta probably never did either. He may have had to eat nothing but stale food, but he had food on the table since he was part of the merchant class.

Suzanne Collins makes a point of highlighting Peeta’s stocky build, attributing it to the heavy bags of flour he’s had to lift his whole life at Mellark’s Bakery. During Peeta’s session with the Gamemakers, he says that all he does is toss heavy objects around until they dismiss him. He’s so heavy that Katniss can’t help him to the stream to wash up after she finds him, resorting to rolling him over to the riverbed.

My point is, just because teenage boys are young, that doesn’t mean they’re all small and innocent looking. I’m not so old that I don’t remember the boys a foot or more taller than I was while walking around in high school. There were a lot of big kids walking around and I don’t see why it would be any different in Panem.

Source: Speak Easy on the WSJ


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Team Katniss Gets a New Look

by Katniss on October 29, 2011

Team Katniss 2.0

Our Team Katniss site has been in transition for a couple of days while we move over to a new skin and we’re happy to announce that the new theme has been successfully integrated to give you a much cleaner look when viewing images of our teen heroine Katniss Everdeen.

As more images begin to appear now that Lionsgate has started up their marketing campaign again with the release of their character posters, we hope that you’ll go to Team Katniss for all things Katniss Everdeen. Feedback is always welcome!


Gallery: The Capitol PN District Seals

by Katniss on October 1, 2011

District seals are being released for The Hunger Games site as districts become expedited and we will update this post as they are released.

Release dates:

District 7 Seal - Lumber District 8 Seal - Textiles District 12 Seal - Mining


TheCapitol.PN Vs Panem October

by Katniss on October 1, 2011

Capitol Recruiting

After almost a month of inactivity on TheCapitol.PN, twelve Twitter users suddenly found themselves “working” for The Capitol. Assigning each user with a district, The Capitol sent out official recruiter images via direct messages and instructed them to recruit more citizens via Twitter.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that the site works according to how many registered citizens there are, there’s a lot to indicate that this is the case. With such a long period of inactivity, it seemed as though either the site wasn’t functioning properly or people simply weren’t signing up fast enough for the site to be activated to the next stage. With the recruitment, signs seem to point to the latter.

Shylah Addante DIP

District 12 ID for Shylah Addante, Image courtesy of Hunger Games DWTC

Enlisting dedicated fans to recruit more members to the Capitol site seems to have done the trick, as yesterday the District 12 passes were issued to those lucky enough to be placed in that district. The question is, does this indicate laziness or genius of the studio? Shouldn’t the Capitol’s twitter have been more active to recruit citizens? Couldn’t they have created fictional twitter accounts recruiting people to the site?

It was obvious that the site was an official marketing campaign due to the Verified account status of The Capitol and the fact that the Facebook pages of the districts all had namespaces before having 50 likes, but Lionsgate had been completely silent regarding the viral site, as is expected when holding up the image that the site operates within the fictional world upon which the movie is based. However, yesterday the official Hunger Games movie Facebook page posted about The Capitol site, urging their 220,000+ fans to go and check it out. What brought on this sudden break of silence and change in marketing?

The most obvious answer: Panem October. At last count, the site was boasting over 55,000 registered users and a huge media campaign between a legion of fansites launched last week starting with a feature and interview led up to Panem October’s explosive launch last night. The launch was so explosive that the site died from server overload before the time could officially tick down to October 1.

District 12

Sudden movement on The Capitol site hardly seems like a coincidence. Just how threatened does Lionsgate feel by this fan-made ARG? Perhaps just enough to abandon their original schedule and suddenly boost District 12 up to launch status?

The District 12 PN Facebook page released its district logo (left) shortly after the DIPs became available. Queue levels for all districts, which had been seemingly unchanged during a weekly check, are now removed except for two released districts.

With Panem October still struggling with technical difficulties, The Capitol seems bent on taking advantage by issuing DIPs for District 8 today. It looks as if this silent war between the two sites has officially begun.

The question is, will people play both games and if not, which will emerge on top?


Hunger Games PosterAs the clock ticks down to March 23, 2012, all eyes are on The Hunger Games to turn things around in a big way for Lionsgate. Now io9 is saying that the franchise has the potential to change the movie industry with their editorial Why The Hunger Games is Way Better Than Twilight.

As is expected when one compares Bella Swan and Katniss Everdeen, Bella doesn’t come out on top.

Since she seems to be completely willing to fling herself in whatever direction Edward is facing, Bella completely fails as a female heroine. Her biggest attempt to do something on her own entailed going to find a lawyer to get her daughter away with Jacob and even that proved to be completely irrelevant because of the lack of climax to the big showdown at the end.

So how is The Hunger Games going to change movies? According to the article:

  • If Hunger Games is a big success, it could have all sorts of awesome effects — like, maybe we could get a new wave of cool dystopian future movies.
  • Most of all, let’s hope Hunger Games breaks this dumb Hollywood preconception that people won’t go to see movies about female action heroes.
While both these things sound great, there are bigger things that can change here than just the Hollywood landscape. How about changing the way young women look at independence? Or how they can make serious contributions to their households and society at a very young age? Or awareness of starvation issues in our own country and around the world? Aren’t these the things that matter more than what’s coming soon to a theater near you?

While Stephenie Meyer may have sold millions and millions of books, what damage has she done to a generation of young girls? Let’s look at the basic message in each of her Twilight novels.

Twilight - Stalking is so romantic. Let’s face it, if you found out that Franklin from True Blood was sneaking into your room at night to watch you sleep instead of Edward, you’d have nightmares (and probably rape). Bella is lucky that Edward is an immortal cutie and a virgin to boot, yet it’s still disgusting how Meyer turns breaking and entering into gosh darn it, true love. He’s equally lucky he’s an immortal cutie or he’d probably have had to move out of Forks to avoid prosecution.

New Moon - It’s totally okay to stop living for three months when your boyfriend breaks up with you. I admit, when I read it, I was shocked at the blank chapters. I couldn’t believe she’d do that. When I was sixteen I might have acted the same way, but god damn it my mom would have shaken me out of it if it was the last thing she did. So no, parents, it’s not okay to let your child slip into a depressive coma for months. You really are only young once and Meyer just sensationalizes Bella’s actions. All she’s doing is telling girls its okay to moon over someone like your life is over.

Eclipse - When the guy dumps you and puts you through three months of hell comes back, open your arms and faint with relief. Then dump the guy that helped you through it all. Yes, all girls should love someone so completely that they’ll stomp on anyone that gets in the way of getting that guy. Great message. It’s even greater to lead someone along because it makes you amazing to be wanted so badly by two hot guys. Girls need to be taught not to be heartbreakers, not the other way around.

Breaking Dawn - Give up everything just to be with your true love forever. Sure, Bella and Edward make for a wispy ending and they have maddeningly good sex for the rest of their lives because she turned while she was completely in love with him, but let’s get real here. This is never going to happen for 99 out of 100 girls because true love that deep, while certainly amazing and beautiful, is a rarity. Making young girls want this so badly is only setting them up for disappointment as they move through love, marriage, kids, and old age. They’re going to get old. They’re going to have ups and downs in their relationship. Life will never be the perfect ending Bella gets.

Don’t get me wrong, I get that this is all fantasy, but given the addictive nature of the series and the target audience, it’s not quite as harmless as a trashy love novel. Bella and Edward are being shoved upon girls of a very, very impressionable age. As goofy as it sounds, a series like this can be life changing.

Meanwhile, Katniss vows never to fall in love or have children. Her entire focus in life is to help her family and Gale’s survive. She is exceptionally aware of the political ramifications of all her actions. Her biggest flaw is being unable to love or read emotions in others, an understandable thing considering the environment she lives in.

What the popularity of The Hunger Games has the potential to do is change the way all the young Twihards look at life. It’s got the potential to have everyone look within and decide if they like what they see. It teaches us not to take life for granted and shows us what a superficial and sheltered society we’ve become. For are we not Capitol citizens ourselves? We may not have the aqua skin or the pink hair, but we do live in extreme excess while others in the country suffer and gather our food. People gripe and moan about the rights of illegal immigrants, but who else is going to go out there and pick all that fruit you buy in the stores? Certainly not middle and upper class city kids, who are too good for such manual labor, right?

Maybe The Hunger Games has the potential to provide better entertainment, but let’s not forget the potential it has to impact our youth and turn around the damage that Stephenie Meyer has already done to some of them.